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The Reburial12. The Reburial
A body must be buried for the third time.

The Royal Gardener11. The Royal Gardener
A prisoner is subjected to an atypical punishment.

family of three10. Family of Three
A man encounters a strange family while out at night.

The Gallery + An Afternoon Interrupted
9. The Gallery + An Afternoon Interrupted
A strange gallery + a strange afternoon.

The Apartment
8. The Apartment
An empty apartment receives new tenants.
WARNING: This story contains instances of domestic violence.

Halloween 2019_27. The Beast + Melissa + Sealed
Three flash fiction tales for a spooky Halloween!

The Diary episode art
6. The Diary
A diary holds the horrifying history of a house’s former occupant.

paperback recycler5. The Paperback Recycler
An author goes to bizarre lengths to ensure his literary prestige.

4. Strange Men in Bowler Hats
A man takes a solo vacation to a strange English town and participates in a bizarre ritual.

The Antique episode art
3. The Antique
An impulse purchase at an antique store leads to terrible consequences for a reclusive housewife.

the forest artwork
2. The Forest
What is truly happening in the forest behind your house?

The Night bulletin - podcast artwork - 2
1. An Evening With a Close Friend
A man recounts a strange tale to a close friend, not realizing the implications of doing so.

The Night bulletin - podcast artwork - 2
0. The Night Bulletin – Trailer
The Night Bulletin is coming…